4. Composing Drawings from Life

In this part of the Composition in Squares and Circles set of exercises, you’ll apply the sensitivity you’ve developed from your practice with abstract designs to create beautiful compositions from reference drawings of fruit and flowers.

As with all the exercises on Creative Triggers, the real value of this exercise comes with repetition – that’s how we build skill over time. If you draw for a reasonable amount of time every day, I’d estimate that there’s at least a couple of months worth of practice here – more if you really dig into it.

Part 1: Initial Drawings

Make reference drawings of fruit and flowers, either from life (recommended) or from photos.

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Part 2: Creating Compositions

Using some simple tools which you’ll make yourself, make square and circular format compositions by cropping your drawings

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Part 3: Refining Your Compositions

Refine your compositions and create new ones based on a combination of your reference drawings and crops from stage 2.

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