composition-finalNever given sufficient attention, design is one of the most important skills in art.

People often think that composition is the one area of drawing and painting that can’t really be taught. Either that, or that it can be taught through a series of composition “rules”.

Neither is the case. Composition is a skill, like any other. It can be developed through practice. The exercises here are designed to develop your skill at spacing, proportion and harmony of design.

These are the core skills of composition – without them, all the compositional rules in the world be ineffective.

Breathing Lines

A series of exercises to ease you into the Creative Triggers way of doing things, help you develop line control, and get you relaxed and ready to draw.

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Corner Ornament

Use the line control you’ve developed in Breathing Lines to create original corner ornaments. This series of exercises begins to stretch your design muscle, and gets you working with proportion and spacing – the core elements of design.

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Composition in Squares and Circles

Moving into composition with square and circular formats, these exercises have you finding original ways to subdivide space. They further develop your sensitivity to design and spacing.

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