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Personal growth through starting and sustaining a regular drawing habit

Creative Triggers is about reducing barriers to regular art practice. So the price is deliberately low: Membership is $17 per month.

But remember, your first month is only $1. You can try it out for next to nothing.

After that, membership will go up to the full price. You’ll get an email before your first month is up so you don’t forget.

The last thing I want is for you to pay me for something you don’t think is useful to you. So even if you stay for a few months and decide you want a refund, I’ll do it for you, no questions asked.

Here’s what people have to say about it:

helga“Since I joined creative triggers I am more disciplined in practising drawing everyday. Even though I miss a day or two I never feel any pressure. Paul is very supportive and it is a lot of fun to converse with the community. The program allows you to keep track of your progress and see what other members are drawing is a definitely a plus.

The one thing that stands out for me is that I have built my self-confidence in drawing just about anything and doing it over and over again one has a chance of mastery.” – Helga

kay“The appeal for me was the assistance offered to challenge myself to draw every day – something I had dreamed of for many years but not been able to put into practice on my own. Paul’s system of support and encouragement through simple exercises made it possible.

The journey is made easier by sharing with others who are similarly working to improve their skills on a daily basis. This has had a wonderful effect on my confidence and attitude towards my artwork.” – Kay

Helen“The subtle way we learn the habit of drawing every day takes the pressure off. I have learned more about drawing in two months than in all the years I have been pursuing it.

The exercises seem simple but tend to draw you in and you learn something new almost every time you do them. Having other people to talk to that are going through the same thing as you is invaluable. I am very glad to be a part of this community. ” – Helen

Aurora“What really excited me was the idea of consciously forming a daily drawing habit using structured, basic, skill-building exercises. Drawing every day had been one of my goals for years, but I had never cultivated the discipline to keep it up. Since joining CT nearly three months ago, I’ve only missed a handful of days, and that thrills me.

Even if I only hit my trigger with a simple warmup like the Breathing Lines, drawing every day keeps art in the forefront of my mind, keeps me asking myself about my goals and dreams, how I need to grow, in what direction I want to move.” – Aurora

Barbara“Your course has given new life to my art at a time when I was looking for a new direction. I have had ups and downs with my art over the years and Creative Triggers has given me the opportunity to open new horizons. I have never dealt with the design aspect of art – I mistakenly thought that it belonged to craft. I am enjoying honing this part of my work and finding new directions.” – Barbara


Q: How do I pay?

A: Payment is by PayPal, you’ll need a PayPal account to join. If you don’t have one, you can set one up when you join.

Q: What if I want to cancel?

A: You can cancel at any time, and your payments will automatically stop. If you didn’t find it useful, email me at and I’ll refund what you’ve paid up to that point, up to 4 months from your join date.

Q: I joined, what happens next?

A: You’ll get an email letting you know the first steps to take. You’ll get started with your first exercise straight away!

Q: I need help!

A: No problem. Just email me at and I’ll sort things out.